Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pickled Jalapenos

Lately I have been getting an abundance of jalapenos. I had no idea what to do with them! I have been harvesting them almost everyday. I get about 5-15 everyday.

I decided to try some jalapeno pickling a few days ago. I found this very easy recipe on Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, what would I do without you?!

I ended up doubling the recipe just because I had so many jalapenos. Our family gives this recipe a thumbs up. This will definitely be getting used very often. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Three Chicks

Today we lost one of chicks. We are of course very upset about it because these chickens were our first family pets. We went out back to check up on the chickens and put them in their coop and could only locate three out of the four. We kept looking around for her and even went out front since one had gotten out through some hole in the fence a few days ago.

We couldn't find her. We knew this was odd because the other three had been hiding under an old wagon and all four are usually together in a group. We began scavenging the backyard when we found multiple feathers with two little chicken feet left behind.

Our hearts are broken. Andrew was able to look at our camera footage for the backyard and found that it was a larger bird that came down and grabbed our little chick. On the one hand I am glad that it was not a cat from one of our neighbors because I would have been knocking at their door but on the other hand I worry that this bird knowing that there are chicks here will try to come back for more later.

Either way I am leaving the chicks in the coop area tomorrow and will bring them out when we are outside playing so they can go look for yummy bugs. Our two boys are very sad and Max can't even think about letting them out of their coop area.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Oh Mint!

I am obsessed with mint, although I don't have a wide variety of it. I think next Spring I might venture into buying some mint chocolate or sweet mint. I noticed that several of my mint plants were sprouting flowers. I cut them off to help encourage more growth. I was reading that once the flowers start to form basically your mint plant stops spreading so I ran into action and made a cute bouquet for our table. It smelled so nice and fresh!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

And just like that our first post was made!

I feel like I am having a fresh new start restarting and reshaping this blog. Our family has grown and we have two precious boys who keep us on our feet. Our family has made the decision to be a little more purposeful. We are beginning to simplify our lives and be a little healthier.

Earlier this year we embarked in buying three chicks. After discussing with our favorite neighbors about their chicken raising we decided to take a leap and buy three chicks Betty, Claire, and Sarah.

We took a risk and eventually found out we ended up with two roos and one hen Claire and Sarah were both male. Sarah loved to cock a doddle do ALL DAY long. He was such a show off.

Our neighbors were definitely not on board with our roos and were not happy about the situation. We were so saddened to give them away to a loving family but for our neighbors sanity and ours it was a decision that had to be made.

We eventually ordered three more chickens from The Cackle Hatchery. Let me just tell you, Betty was not having it. There was an alpha chick and both her and Betty were pecking at each other. Eventually Betty showed them that she's the alpha and the boss of the coop. The chicks are growing an learning from Betty.

We have successfully named two. June and Holly. We still haven't decided on the third although I will tell you I am leaning towards Martha :)

The boys love seeing the baby chick and Betty grow. I am so impressed with how Max has taken on the responsibility of raising our chickens. He makes me so proud every day. 

Thanks to my wonderful Hubby we also now have an herb garden. This plant lady no longer has a million pots laying around. I finally have a raised garden! With the terrible soil our subdivision has we knew we needed to have a raised garden with good soil. Hubby made a mix of garden soil, peat moss, compost, manure and sand.

We have yet to harvest tomatoes thanks to the birds that keep eating them! I do have my heart set on the strawberries that are slowly but surely coming back from a bunny almost devouring my whole plant a few months ago. I will post some picture of the garden in the next few weeks.