Monday, July 24, 2017

The Three Chicks

Today we lost one of chicks. We are of course very upset about it because these chickens were our first family pets. We went out back to check up on the chickens and put them in their coop and could only locate three out of the four. We kept looking around for her and even went out front since one had gotten out through some hole in the fence a few days ago.

We couldn't find her. We knew this was odd because the other three had been hiding under an old wagon and all four are usually together in a group. We began scavenging the backyard when we found multiple feathers with two little chicken feet left behind.

Our hearts are broken. Andrew was able to look at our camera footage for the backyard and found that it was a larger bird that came down and grabbed our little chick. On the one hand I am glad that it was not a cat from one of our neighbors because I would have been knocking at their door but on the other hand I worry that this bird knowing that there are chicks here will try to come back for more later.

Either way I am leaving the chicks in the coop area tomorrow and will bring them out when we are outside playing so they can go look for yummy bugs. Our two boys are very sad and Max can't even think about letting them out of their coop area.

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